Updated Conference Bowl Records

After Florida's win over Virginia we are now about 2/3 of the way through through the 2019-20 bowl season and there have been a number of surprises to date.

Once again the Pac-12 is struggling during bowl season, but it’s perhaps a little more surprising to see the Big 12 having issues too.

That loss by the Sooners was the third by a Big 12 team this season. They’re currently winless in bowl games with only three teams left to play a bowl game.

Many of the big Power Five conference matchups take place this week though. Baylor, Kansas State and Texas can conceivably bring the Big 12 to .500 over the next few days.

ACC: 4-3

Big Ten: 3-2

Big 12: 0-3

Pac-12: 1-2

SEC: 3-1

Independents: 2-1

AAC: 1-3

Conference USA: 3-4

MAC: 2-3

Mountain West: 3-2

Sun Belt: 2-1