Dan Mullen Looking For "Alpha Dog" to Lead Gators

In a Tuesday morning press conference, Gators Football Coach Dan Mullen questioned whether or not he had an "alpha dogs" on his team.

Referring to this year’s team, Mullen questioned if his players have actually seen a true alpha dog. Former player Jarrad Davis may fit that description, he said.

Via Saturday Down South- Here is what Mullen had to say

“What we’re looking for is alpha dogs to really lead the team,” Mullen said. “We have guys that talk. We have guys that go hard and really try to do things to lead by example. We need some alpha dogs that are both. That when they talk it’s impactful. That when they talk, it’s the right thing. When they talk, it’s everything they say is to make the team perform at a higher level. They also back it up with their performance on the field. You know when you have them, he said. You don’t win two national championships in three years. Trust me, we had some talent, but there were some alpha dogs that were making sure we were playing at an extremely high level.”

Mullen is looking for Tim Tebow or Dak Prescott type leadership even go as far to say that Prescott was the “best I’ve ever seen.”