Jaguars-Ngakoue Contract Update, Showtime Ramsey, Int - Heilman

Today on Harp on Sports, we harp on the news that the Jaguars offered Yannick Ngakoue a new deal and he turned it down, Seth tells you why the offer from the Jaguars was fair, but also why he's okay with Ngakoue turning it down. Plus, Jalen Ramsey showed up to camp in an armored money truck, Seth tells you you why he loves the truck idea, but what Ramsey did afterward that had an issue with. Also, an NCAA official told Yahoo Sports' Pete Thamel that eliminating teams from conferences is more likely to happen than expanding, Seth tells you why it makes sense and what teams should be nervous if that ever comes to pass. Finally, The Athletic's Jaguars beat writer Phil Heilman joins the show to talk all the latest Jags news.