49ers Interested In A-Rob?

Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson

The concept of Allen Robinson signing a team friendly deal to remain in Jacksonville is becoming more and more unlikely as a soft WR market is moving the pro bowler up the interest chart.   San Francisco would love to pair him up with QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

 The 49ers currently have the third-most salary cap space in the NFL.  

Robinson certainly is worthy of one after producing at a high level with the Jaguars. In 2015 he stockpiled 1,400 yards and a league-high 14 touchdowns.  Robinson is coming off a torn ACL he suffered in Week 1 of the 2017 season. 

Among the other teams  discussed by Rapoport, the Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears. The Jaguars can end all debates by franchising the WR and locking him into a 1 year $15M deal.