Spurrier ‘almost 100 percent’ sure who next Gator Coach will be

Steve Spurrier was hired as an ambassador and consultant for the University of Florida athletic department last year, so it would stand to reason that he will have some say in who the next head football coach of the Gators will be. And given what the former national champion said about the coaching search this week, it may be time to rule out Chip Kelly.

During an interview with “The Buddy Martin Show” on Wednesday, Spurrier said he is "almost 100 percent" certain that the next coach at Florida will be someone who is currently coaching another team.

“The coach is with his team now. The coach we’re going to hire is probably, I would almost 100 percent say is coaching his team today, this weekend, and through the end of the season, and maybe through the bowl game,” Spurrier said, according to FootballScoop.com.