Gus Bradley says he's not out for revenge vs Jags

Minnesota Vikings v Jacksonville Jaguars

Minnesota Vikings v Jacksonville Jaguars

Gus Bradley is the defensive coordinator for the Chargers  which some might see as a chance for some revenge against the team that fired him. 

Bradley says that’s not the case and that he’s “more focused on us and what we have to do” than having bad thoughts about the Jaguars.

“To me, you’re happy for them,” Bradley said, via the team’s website. “You can’t not care for players that you were with for so many years.  To see them do well and play at a high level, and some of them get rewarded because of it, I think that’s cool. I’m all for that.”

As the Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars Gus Bradley compiled a 14-48 record.  They never finished higher than 3rd place in the AFC South.