Watson becomes 9th QB to Start for Texans’ since 2014

When Bill O’Brien decided to anoint Watson over Tom Savage one game into this season, it represented the 18th quarterback change  for the Texans over their last 54 games, encompassing 10 different quarterbacks.

Matt Schaub started most of the 2013 season, including the last game of the year. Ryan Fitzpatrick started 2014, then was replaced by Ryan Mallett then the Texans went back to Fitzpatrick, then to Case Keenum,  Brian Hoyer started 2015, then the Texans went back to Mallett, then back to Hoyer, then to TJ Yates, then back to Hoyer, then back to Yates, then to Brandon Weeden.   Then back to Hoyer. Brock Osweiler started the 2016 season, then the  Texans went to Savage, then back to Osweiler. And after going back to  Savage on Sunday, the Texans turn to Watson on Thursday night.