The SEC Network Most Valuable in College Sports

Based on research by SNL Kagan, reports that the SEC Network is valued at more than four times what the  Big Ten Network, and absolutely swamps the fledgling Pac-12 Networks.

The SEC Network is valued at $4.692 billion — a slight dip from its 2015  valuation of $4.77 billion — while the Big Ten Network is at $1.142  billion and Pac-12 Networks lags behind at $305 million. In 2015, SNL  Kagan valued the Big Ten Network at $1.59 billion.

There are two Power Five conferences without a network at this time: the  ACC and Big 12. The linear ACC Network, which like the SEC Network will  be under the ESPN umbrella, is still scheduled for a 2019 launch,  despite the parent company’s recent highly publicized layoffs. The Big 12 does not have similar plans for a network, likely complicated by the Longhorn Network, another ESPN property.