Florida State planning another new football facility?

While saying that it’s a “competitive” race and not an arms race, Fisher also tried to sell that the plans for the ‘Noles’ new home were unrelated to Clemson’s new facility.

“We need room. We need meeting space, player development areas. You’ve  got to have those areas and also to show off your history. That’s what  Florida State is known for, being a great football program,” Fisher told ESPN.  “You can never stand still. If you’re not evolving and moving, people  are going to bypass you. You’ve got to keep going. The great programs  never settle. We’re always looking for that edge. It’s going to help  recruiting. It’s going to help player development. We get a lot of guys  that are three-and-out, so we’ve got to have space for them to get them  developed as quickly as we can so we can get production out of them.”