XFL Announces Drastic Rule Changes for Upcoming Season

According to a release from the league, the XFL’s official rule-book includes over two dozen changes to the conventional approach to professional football.

Perhaps the most-exciting rule comes after a touchdown. Instead of kicking an extra point, teams have three different options to chose from: one-point play from the 2-yard line, a two-point play from the 3-yard line or a three-point play from the 10-yard line.

Just a few days after the New Orleans Saints fell to the Minnesota Vikings in overtime without touching the ball, the XFL’s overtime rules make sure that will never happen.

Here’s the XFL’s overtime rule:

  • A shootout-style overtime: Each team will get five single-play possessions from the 5-yard line. If the game is still tied at that point, the rotating possessions will continue until there is a winner.

The league’s eight teams opened training camp this week and will kick off their 10-week regular season February 8.