Gators Appear to be Going All Black for LSU Game

Florida v Georgia

Florida v Georgia

The Gators and LSU will write another chapter this weekend in Baton Rouge.

A road game would be an interesting spot for Florida to break out a special new look. LSU’s traditional white home uniforms open up the possibility a bit though.

Back in early 2018, Dan Mullen said that a black uniform was in the works for Florida football.

“Yeah, whatever they want to wear,” Mullen said of his players. “It is what it is to get those guys. I mean, we’ll be wearing a black jersey combination at some point. We’ll be doing some cool stuff for the guys, because that’s what they like to do. That’s what it’s about.
“When you sit there and say, ‘Hey coach, how’s recruiting going?’ Well, I’m recruiting 17, 16, 17 year olds, and we cater to what they think is really cool…Then the white helmets. The kids really like the white helmet. They think that’s really cool.”

And another hint from Mullen, ahead of the Auburn game, during which Florida wore throwbacks for homecoming:

“I just saw it. Look pretty cool,” Mullen said. “I think it’s cool. I think it’s fun sometimes to mix it up. I love our traditional uniform. I’m not against throwback jerseys, or roll-out black jerseys one day or something of that nature. … OK, I’m going to stir it up on the black jerseys, get everybody all fired up. I’m trying to get more followers.”

A tweet by the Gators equipment account has spurned some heavy speculation, as the video included gives what looks like a quick peek at a black uniform:

It is only shown for a moment around the 11-second mark, but as 247's Thomas Goldkamp points out, it is clearly some bit of black uniform.