Two First Round Picks Not Enough for Jalen Ramsey

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars

Trade calls have come in for Jalen Ramsey since last season. Ramsey's displeasure with his contract and the front office were established around the league. There was an expectation that more problems would arise between him and the Jaguars after the front office did not entertain an extension. And that is exactly what is taking place. Despite Ramsey requesting a trade two weeks ago he remains a Jaguar.

According to CBS Sports the feeling is still that Ramsey will be moved at some point.

"I don't like the way he is handling it," one personnel executive said of Ramsey, "but are you surprised by it?"

Furthermore, considering trading Ramsey in-season, and then quickly trying to move on from that notion, was always going to be problematic as well. In the player's mind, he was moving closer than ever to getting out, and pulling that away only heightens tensions.

"You have to trade him," said a high-ranking official from another club. "It will get worse and there will be something new with him every week. He doesn't see a future there (in Jacksonville), and he's already shown he's willing to rock the boat to get out. At some point it becomes more trouble than it's worth."

The Jaguars engaged in trade talks about before sending signals that they now intend to keep him. The Jaguars could have had two first-round picks from one club, according to a league source, but believed those selections would end up too close to 32nd overall for their liking.