Gators Head Coach Dan Mullen In Favor Of Changing SEC Scheduling

Speaking to the media earlier this week, Gators head coach Dan Mullen said that he'd like to see the SEC change the way it schedules opponents, specifically SEC teams in the other division:

“In the league, I think we should mix up the league schedule more, to be perfectly honest with you. If you look over the next six years, I think we play Miami three times, Florida State six times, South Florida three times, Mississippi State once. So who’re the SEC teams?
“I think it’s an injustice for the kids. We should mix those games up and you should play more teams from the West and get the opportunity to play more SEC games. You come play in this league and play in those games, conference games are a lot of fun, playing other SEC teams. I think moving forward scheduling-wise, obviously conference, we don’t control that, but I think that’d be a heck of a deal and I know we’re working to play more Power 5 teams.” - Gators head coach Dan Mullen

The Gators play Auburn from the SEC West on October 5th, the first time the teams have played since 2011.