Dave Caldwell and Jaguars Reportedly Turned Down Big Haul for Ramsey

Florida Times Union Columnist and Host of The Press here on 97.3 The Game Gene Frenette dropped this tweet Saturday morning giving us all glimpse of what the Jalen Ramsey market may be looking like.

Now if the asking price is a firm Two First Round Picks its going to be tough seeing a team that is going to be picking in the top 10 to give up multiple firsts. A team that is a playoff contender may be able to surrender that lot but those picks will, of course, fall in the 20-32 range. The question is obvious - How to do you evaluate ate round 1st picks as opposed to a package with a mid 1st and early 2nds etc...? One thing is for certain, Dave Caldwell is a very coy dog when it comes to this process and with the trade deadline a month away he appears not to be in a rush.