UGA begin talks on new $80 million football facility project

Georgia is gearing up for its next big project, a new football building as part of a Butts-Mehre expansion.

Athletic director Greg McGarity expects the facility will be the best of its kind.

“Just like we have the best indoor facility,” he said.

The price tag for the latest project is estimated to be in the $80 million range.

“I think it will be in that ballpark,” he said. “We’ll know a lot of details certainly by our board meeting in September.”

The facility, which will include a new training room, weight room, coaches offices and locker room, is expected to be built on what now is the upper practice field adjacent to the indoor practice facility.

“Any facility that’s under consideration, the wow factor plays a part in anything,” AD Greg McGarity told the paper. “That’s something that’s very important, but I think functionality and size and space probably trumps the wow factor because what you have to focus on is these young men or women in whatever facility—like our equestrian facility, that’s got a huge wow factor—spend so much time in these facilities that the first priority is functionality and the second priority is what’s the movement for players to get from point A to point B to point C.”

Should the project be approved — and let’s face it, the board is probably just going to rubber stamp things given how important such a building is in the SEC — construction is expected to start after the upcoming 2019 season and hopefully be finished at some point in 2021.