Dan Mullen reveals how he got Feleipe Franks to loosen up and relax

Despite Feliepe Franks’ success last fall, Gators Head Football Coach Dan Mullen said he finally started to relax during the off-season.

“Probably after the season, you know,” Mullen said on Monday. “I mean and going back and reviewing it and let after he probably reflected on the whole season, and getting into spring. I think (he) loosened up because I think he was going through it the second time going out on the field and knowing that he knew kind of what he was doing. It allows you to be a little bit more confident that way.”

Oh and Mullen dancing on the sideline it was all a part of the process of getting Franks to relax.

“I mean he stayed pretty uptight through most the season I tried, I mean, I danced on the sidelines, try to get him loosened up and have some fun,” Mullen said. “But I think after – coming in, going into like spring ball, when he had a little bit more confidence it allowed him to be a lot more relaxed in knowing – when you sit there and you go through it installing like, ‘Oh, I know that I’m not just learning it, I know it.’ I think that allows you to have a lot more confidence and be a lot more relaxed and have some fun.”

Franks had career highs in completion percentage, passing yards, passing touchdowns, rushing yards, rushing touchdowns and had fewer interceptions last fall.