Texas Tech has four football players arrested amid disturbance at club

Early Sunday morning four players on the Texas Tech football team were arrested. Lubbock County Sheriff's Office has reported that sophomore quarterback Jett Duffey, linebacker Christian Malik-Shakur Taylor, starting wide receiver Quan Shorts and starting cornerback Desmon Smith of the football team were arrested, with Smith being bitten by a K-9 during the disturbance.

 According to Star-Telegram Lubbock Police Spokeswoman Kasie Whitley said "Officer located a large group of people in front of the nightclub who were impeding traffic, an officer observed an individual intentionally causing damage to a vehicle by smashing the windshield."  

When the officers attempted to arrest the suspect the crowd became aggressive. In total 10 people were arrested including the 4 Texas Tech players. 

Shorts and Smith face Disorderly Conduct charges and Taylor is listed as smashing the windshield and will face a Criminal Mischief charge. Duffey, who was also suspended last spring in an off-field incident, faces a Criminal Mischief charge while being accused of damaging property.