Branden Albert tazed and arrested

According to TMZ, Albert was arrested at a jewelry store on Wednesday after he punched a hole in the jewelry cabinet and got into a physical altercation with the security guard at the store, who was an off-duty Atlanta Police Department officer. 

Albert and some friends reportedly tried to access a part of the store where customers were not allowed, and the 33-year-old was confronted by the security guard over it. That’s when Albert “punched a jewelry cabinet which left a very large hole” and tried to leave.

The officer then reportedly used his taser on Albert, but the former first-round pick powered through it. Here’s more:

That’s when the cop says Albert pushed him and tried to leave. The officer drew his taser and deployed it … knocking Albert to the ground.

But Albert simply PULLED THE PRONGS OUT and got up! The officer chased him but Albert stopped, turned around and TACKLED THE COP!

Eventually, Albert stopped fighting and congratulated the cop on “a good tussle.” The cop arrested him anyway. He was booked into jail for damage to property and obstruction of law enforcement.