Contract Extension for A-ROB now Jags Focus

Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson

$16 million -  That's how much the franchise tag would cost the Jacksonville Jaguars to keep Allen Robinson in Jacksonville for the 2018 season.   This weekend's Blake Bortles deal shows us just how creative Dave Caldwell and the Jags can get with the Salary Cap essentially spreading out what would have been Blake's 1 year $19 million option over 3 seasons.   

There are some that think Robinson needs to sign a 1 year prove it deal.  He does not.   

The franchise tag only benefits Robinson and not the Jags.   A 4-5 year deal could ending up costing Robinson $15-20 Million compared to the open market.   He is still only 24 so a 3 year deal would still put him in prime position to earn a another contract at the age of 27.   Julio Jones makes $14 million per season.  AJ Green $15 million.  The Jags and A-Rob would both be smart and wise to shoot for a 3 year.  

The clock is ticking.  The Jags have until 4PM on March 6th to tag Robinson or let him walk.