Tennessee DC Being Sued By Penn State

Volunteers defensive coordinator Bob Shoop is facing a law suit from Penn State University, in which Penn State claims that the university is owed $891,856 given that Shoops resigned as defensive coordinator of the Nittany Lions with two years left on his contract to leave for the same position at UT.

“A clause in his contract stated if Shoop resigned before his contract expired on Feb. 15, 2018, he had to pay Penn State liquidated damages of 50 percent “of his base pay” for the remainder of his contract, according to the court documents,” per John Beague of Pennlive.com

According to the contract, he would not have had to pay had he left for a head coaching position, but he is not exempt from payment for leaving for the same position at another school.

Shoop is making $245,000 a year in base pay from Tennessee and an additional $905,000 in supplemental pay.