Tim Tebow as William Wallace?

The current Mets Farm hand and former Gator QB recently told Sports Illustrated. 

“My dad got home from the Philippines and we were so excited to see him, he had been gone for five weeks or so. I was eight years old, we sat my two brothers down on the couch, he stood up in front of the TV, just tells us how much he loves us, and how he knows we all have goals, we’re ambitious and want to accomplish certain things...when we watch this movie, if we have love for whatever it is we want to accomplish like the man in this movie, if we're passionate like him, if we’re willing to sacrifice, all these things, he gave us this talk about how much he believes in us, and then he sits down and hits play on that movie.

“I just loved it, I totally ate it up...I loved the movie and loved how much he was willing to sacrifice, what he believed in, why he believed in it, and then I also loved the action, Mel Gibson was pretty sweet too. I just loved it. And I think just that with my dad made it really special for me. I’ve probably seen the movie 50 times.”

I'm not sure what the story line would be but since that movie was 80% factually inaccurate does it really matter?  William Wallace could be a zombie and people would watch it.  Wait, I need to stop given Hollywood good ideas.