Oregon Head Coach Taggart Freezing Out Reporter Who Broke Workout Story

A tumultuous start for Willie Taggart in Oregon gets even more rocky. Last month a team workout left three Oregon players hospitalized, which led to the suspension of the programs strength and conditioning coach. 

The reporter who broke the story, Andrew Greif, is being shut out by Taggart, who believes that Greif did not report the story accurately. 

“When you’re not fair and honest, then to me that’s personal,” Taggart told the Daily Emerald about his issues with Greif. “When you do something that’s negative and it’s going to be personal, then I won’t have s— to do with you.”

“‘You’ve got to be s—-ing me,’ was kind of my reaction,” Taggart said. “I explained exactly what happened and he didn’t report it.”

Taggart is not speaking with Greif, and wants The Oregonian to print out an apology to the school. They have no plans to do so.