Mike White holds team meeting after back-to-back losses

White’s main point of emphasis is on sustaining a consistent defensive as they look to break out of that two-game slump Wednesday night at LSU 

To drive home that point, he shared a stat with his players, which he tried to recall from memory Tuesday.

"We talked for so long yesterday as a staff, so long as a team and then we jumped into LSU, of course. We’re kind of in a fog here, but I’ll do my best,” he said. “Defensively, against the 12 highest-rated opponents that we’ve played, the first four minutes of second halves we’re giving up 76 percent from the field — 76 percent. And a defensive rebounding percentage of 60 percent. And offensively, we have 5 assists to 12 turnovers. So, it’s all of the above to start second halves.”

Over their last 14 games, starting with a marquee matchup against Gonzaga, they’ve given up more points after halftime in all but one game.