Virginia Tech Basketball Players Disrespected the National Anthem, Here's What Coach Buzz Williams Did

When the Virginia Tech basketball team was caught disrespecting the national anthem, coach Buzz Williams knew that he couldn't let that slide.

But instead of getting mad and giving a lecture, the coach decided to teach his lesson in a way that would help his athletes make a real and meaningful connection with the national anthem, what it stands for, and how it relates to real things going on in the world.

He brought military veterans onto the court and introduced them to his team. He explained who the veterans were, what they had lived through, what they had sacrificed in life, and why they were deserving of respect from every one of Coach Buzz Williams' players. 

The coach then also taught his players how to properly show their respect when the national anthem played, explaining that they should stand with one hand over the heart and one hand behind the back, tall and still throughout the song.

See the video for yourself:

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