Mississippi representative proposes bill that would limit NCAA investigations

Mississippi Rep. Trey Lamar (R-Senatobia) is tired of the NCAA's time table when dealing with those who break the rules.   He is proposing a new House Bill that would surely benefit Ole Miss’ current recruiting problems.  He is calling it: The National Collegiate Athletic Association Fairness in F.A.C.T Investigation Act of 2017.

Lamar, a former Rebels walk-on running back from the early 2000s, is pushing a bill giving the NCAA one year to complete its investigation once it notifies a school of possible rules violations.

“The measure would force the NCAA to deliver its official Notice of Allegations within six months of the day it sends a school a preliminary letter of inquiry. If the sports governing body does not hold a hearing and hand out punishments within one year, the state would fine the NCAA $10,000 a day until a final ruling is made.”

Yes, you read that right.  If the NCAA does not complete its investigation within a year the state would then attempt to charge the institution for investigating them for breaking the rules.  You can't make this up.  You really can't.