WAWA: Free Coffee for all Health Care Workers and 1st responders

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City: Jacksonville

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Gas, Deli, food and more

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Free Coffee for all Health Care workers and 1st Responders

Dear friends and customers,

We wanted to update you on our latest efforts to keep our customers, associates and our communities safe as our stores remain open as an essential provider.

Over the last few weeks as the world has collectively grappled with how to stay safe in the wake of COVID-19, we have continually been inspired by the actions of our first responders as well as by the actions of our Wawa associates who are keeping our stores open and stocked to serve our communities in this great time of need. 

As we’ve navigated the challenges, we’ve made significant changes in our stores to provide the highest level of safety possible keeping in line with CDC guidelines.

In addition to our enhanced cleaning and sanitations protocols and previously implemented in-store precautions, over the next week we are adding some extra measures to ensure we are supporting the most up-to-date recommendations, with a specific focus on social distancing.

Enhanced In-Store Safety

We have already begun asking customers and associates to maintain a distance of 6 ft. from each other inside the store supported through helpful in-store signage, announcements and videos. We are enhancing and reinforcing this effort with visual floor markers to support maintaining a healthy distance and with distancing aids, in the form of clear, plastic shields, at our check-out counters. 

Supporting our Associates

We continue to focus on supporting our associates during this time, who have truly come to the forefront to serve our communities. This is and continues to be our priority and we have taken steps to recognize their hard work with additional pay and by continuing to review and update our paid time off policies to be more flexible and supportive, and to minimize the impact to them should they be affected by COVID-19.

Nothing is more important to us than doing our best to continue to support our incredible associates and maintain our Wawa family now and for the future.

Thank you to our First Responders & Health Care Heroes

At Wawa we have always been committed to serving our emergency responders. Particularly during this unprecedented time, we want to say “we’re here for you.”

We want to salute the many health care heroes who are doing great work throughout our communities. From Main Line Health to CHOP to Penn Medicine to Jefferson in Philadelphia. From Orlando Health to Winter Haven in Florida. From Virtua Health System to Bay Shore Medical in New Jersey. From Johns Hopkins to MedStar in Maryland and Virginia and Christiana Health in Delaware. These are just some of our partners who are also truly amazing health care systems now on the front lines of this crisis. You have our deepest thanks and gratitude. And in honor of your service to the community, starting Thursday, March 26th, all of our stores will be providing all health care workers and first responders with free coffee to fuel their shifts during this crisis.

We will be here for you. Open and stocked. We will get through this together.

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Red Cross Health & Safety Tips

We have made information and reminders available to our associates with reminders and precautions everyone can take to ensure the wellbeing of the community. We have partnered with the Red Cross to provide customers with health and safety tips anyone can do to limit the spread of any virus or infection. Wawa is making the tip sheets available in all stores alerting customers to basic steps they can take, along with some extra precautions Wawa is taking.


Click here for helpful tips.



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