Kirby Smart compares Jake Fromm to Tim Tebow

Smart warned everyone not to cringe when he made the comparison to Tebow, but UGA's Head Coach believes Fromm has a lot of the leadership qualities that Tebow had.

“He’s strong, and he’s strong in his faith,”Smart said an interview with the SEC Network. “I relate it a lot of times, and people are going to cringe when I say this, but how Tim was, Tebow. When you think about how strong he was in his belief of who he is. He has a not ordinary confidence in himself and also what he believes. He has an ability to lead in that locker room without alienating people or without rubbing people the wrong way, and I think that speaks volumes about the team we can become because when he speaks, they listen. When things don’t go well, he absorbs that responsibility himself, just like I do.”