Tebow: "This needs to be the year for Georgia"

Tebow was asked before this weekend's Syracuse Mets game about Georgia and Florida and sizing up the SEC East.

Tebow was very blunt about Georgia needed to get over the hump, even dropping a “big brother little brother” reference.
“I think this needs to be Georgia’s year,” Tebow continued. “I really do. I think you know just the way it’s gone against Alabama the last couple years; to not be able to get there again it’s not just that it hurts you in that year it becomes a big brother little brother type thing where you gotta eventually be able to get over that hurdle, get over that hump. And I think this is kind of that year. It’s been a building process for Georgia, and if you had looked three years ago I think now would be that time.
“So, I think they were ahead of schedule, and they did some incredible things. And honestly probably should have won a national championship two years ago. And really had such a great chance to close out the SEC championship game last year and go to the playoff. So, I think this is a big year. Probably anything less is going to be a little bit disappointing if you’re a Georgia fan.”

11 Alive News’ Wes Blankenship tweeted out the video below: