SEC Hires Firm to Review Officials

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said on Tuesday that the SEC has hired Deloitte, an international accounting firm, to observe and analyze its officiating crews.

“I believed then and I still believe we have as good a college football officiating program as there is yet we can still keep improving,” Sankey told the AP. “And we started first looking at how do we communicate about officiating? And it was forward looking to this coming season that the nature of media, the focus on officiating, the fact there are commentators and broadcast booths giving opinions, sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re not correct. You don’t have complete information. Those are game changers for us. We want to communicate that we do have people with great integrity who are working as officials both in our program and as people who support our officiating program,” he said

The conference may use SEC Network to educate the public on how much being an SEC official actually requires.