UGA's Kirby Smart Against Transfer Portal

UGA head coach Kirby Smart spoke with Sirius XM radio Thursday about the NCAA's transfer portal and had strong comments about his concerns regarding athletes being able to leave whenever they want:

“I don’t know that it is right for college football. It may be good on an individual basis. But when you give kids an easy way out sometimes, sometimes they take the path of least resistance. People can say ‘well, coach, you are free to go wherever you want to go,’ we also have a contract and they are free to fire us anytime they want. So they can fire us anytime they want as an assistant coach.” - UGA head coach Kirby Smart via Sirius XM radio

Georgia has already lost three players to the transfer portal (Justin Fields, Luke Ford and Deangelo Gibbs) and safety Tray Bishop is currently in the portal as well, though has yet to find a new school to attend.