Multiple UGA Players Facing Mandatory Suspensions

Two Georgia players, Robert Beal and Brenton Cox, are likely to face a mandatory one game suspension for recent arrests, per Chip Towers of the AJC's Dawg Nation:

"Possessing marijuana is a violation of the Bulldogs’ written student-athlete policy regarding substance abuse. According to the 2018-19 handbook, distributed to all athletes at the beginning of the school year, a first violation for “consumption, use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs” triggers the following actions:
  • Alcohol and drug awareness classes;
  • 12 months probation;
  • mandatory drug-testing;
  • abuse counseling and evaluation;
  • “suspension from competition for no less than 10 percent of the total sport season.”
Traditionally, Georgia football has interpreted 10 percent of its 12 games to mean one."

Towers also says that because the arrests took place on campus, Beal and Cox are subject to UGA student-judiciary action. Georgia starts the season on the road at Vanderbilt.