Jaguars EVP Coughlin Has "Full Confidence" In Fournette

Jaguars EVP Tom Coughlin has reiterated support and faith in the franchise's star RB Leonard Fournette. Speaking to ESPN's Mike DiRocco, Coughlin said:

“With Leonard, a prepared Leonard coming into camp with a mindset that he discussed and we talked about ... I have full confidence in him,” Coughlin said. “He does have some things he’s got to prove when he comes back about his preparation, but he’s a young, young player, he loves football, had an outstanding year, had a very disappointing year, and I think he wants to -- we want him to be a great player and I think he’s in the same mindset.” - Tom Coughlin via ESPN's Mike DiRocco

Fournette missed eight games in last season, six due to injury and one due to suspension, in a disappointing year for the Jaguars. Fournette and the Jaguars met after the season to clear the air, and Fournette has spent his spent his offseason in Wyoming to focus on football.