Texas Fires Vince Young

Vince Young led the Texas Longhorns to a National Championship as their starting QB in 2005, but since then he struggled in the NFL more than a player drafted #3 overall is expected to. He had been hired by the University of Texas as a development officer, but has been fired after receiving his 2nd DUI within 3 years among other reported issues.

VIA the AP:
Texas has fired former star quarterback Vince Young from his part-time role as a development officer for poor performance and often being absent from work or not in touch with his supervisors.
The move also comes after Young had a second drunken-driving arrest within three years on Feb. 4.
Young’s March 1 firing letter says he was dismissed “for not demonstrating significant and sustained improvement in the performance of (his) job responsibilities and failing to maintain standards of conduct suitable and acceptable to the university.” He has been given job warnings dating back to 2017.

Young allegedly made requests for his office hours to be cut or moved to part time because he works "better out in the streets", reports claim that he was often late or even absent completely from meetings and other job related responsibilities.