Foles Forecast, Gators Flub vs UGA, Ints - Popper, Jones, Palm

Todya on Harp on Sports, we harp on the reports that Nick Foles is expected to sign with the Jaguars, Seth tells you where the news came from, why the report is out, and what the Jaguars would have to do to sign Foles. Also, The Athletics' Jaguars beat writer Dan Popper joins the show to talk about the Jaguars & Nick Foles, as well as who the Jaguars seem to be interested in at the NFL Combine. Plus, the Gators dropped a game to the Bulldogs over the weekend, Seth tells you how the loss doesn't hurt them...yet. USA Today NFL columnist Mike Jones joins the show to talk about why the Nick Foles to Jaguars news isn't a done deal. Finally, CBS Sports bracketologist Jerry Palm joins the show to talk the landscape in college basketball.