Coach Gruden's Comment on Kyler Murray Going Viral

Kyler Murray is not your "average looking" QB, but Head Coach Jon Gruden's comment on the quarterback could change how a lot of teams draft a QB moving forward. 

“I used to think that a lot until I saw Drew Brees twice a year in Tampa, then I met Russell Wilson coming out of N.C. State, and now I’m watching this kid Murray at Oklahoma,” Gruden said. “I’m putting away all the prototypes that I once had. I used to have a prototype for hand size, height, arm length, all that stuff. We’re looking for guys that can play and do a lot of different things. They come in all shapes and sizes nowadays.”

Teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars will be making their rounds searching for the next franchise QB. It should be interesting to see if these comments affect how they and many other teams draft.