FSU's Taggart, Oregon Sued By Former Ducks Player

Former Ducks offensive lineman Doug Brenner is suing the University of Oregon and current Florida State head coach Willie Taggart, per James Crepea of the Oregonian. The lawsuit alleges Taggart, the university, the NCAA, and former Oregon strength coach Irele Oderinde were negligent following his hospitalization in January of 2017 after a series of offseason workouts:

Brenner’s attorneys allege the University of Oregon was negligent for failing to prohibit, regulate or supervise the workouts, which they describe as “physical punishment regimens.” The lawsuit also alleges that Taggart and Oderinde, both now at Florida State, were negligent in imposing and carrying out the workouts, and that the NCAA has failed to regulate such practices by coaches of its member institutions. - James Crepea

Taggart left the University of Oregon at the end of the 2017 season to become the head coach of the Florida State Seminoles.