Leonard Fournette Issues Apology for Being Ejected

Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette apologized for being ejected from Sunday's game with the Buffalo Bill for fighting with Bills DE Shaq Lawson, both in the locker room and via his personal twitter. The fight began as Jags WR Dante Moncrief and Bills DB Levi Wallace were fighting over a ball that appeared to be caught by Moncrief and was ruled a catch.

Both Leonard and Lawson were ejected from the game following the scuffle. The two players still had to be separated as they entered the locker room through the tunnel, they had some choice words for each other and Fournette claims a fan from the stands hit him. 

"My biggest thing was when the fan hit me. I had a problem with that," Said Leonard. "He [Lawson] was saying what he had to say. I really don't care. Words are just words. They don't mean nothing to me. Just got to move on."