Feleipe Franks Responds to Luke Del Rio's Criticism

Former gators QB Luke Del Rio has taken to twitter and and said "I honestly believe that if Dan Mullen starts Feleipe Franks this week he is at serious risk of losing the fan base." Franks responded with a "thumbs up" emoji. 

The tweets from Franks and Del Rio have both since been deleted, but the son of former Jaguars HC Jack Del Rio is still letting it be known that he stands by his opinion; and he suggests that Franks should "Stay off twitter"

A Starting QB has not been chosen for the Gators Noon kickoff against the South Carolina Gamecock' on Saturday: “We’ll look and see how practice goes,” Gators HC Dan Mullen said on  Monday. “We might play two quarterbacks, might play three. We’re still putting the game plan together. I want to just see as we put the game plan together, we go out and practice it, who gives us the best chance to win.”