Rams Interested in Jags DE Dante Fowler Jr

At 3-5 the Jags 2018 season is slowly slipping away.    Are they legitimate contenders or not?  If Tom Coughlin and Dave Caldwell think that this season is lost it may be time to move a few of the soon to be free agents on the roster.  

According to NBC Sports' Peter King.  

The Rams, speaking of “baseball trades,” want a pass-rusher. I hear defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is lukewarm on Denver’s Ray (having coached him two years ago), and if the Jags make disappointing high first-round pick Dante Fowler Jr., available, the Rams would have interest. L.A. is unlikely to deal swing guard Jamon Brown for a late-round pick, though there’s been interest. He’s a low-cost insurance guy for the line.