Rob Gronkowski's Girlfriend fires back at Jalen Ramsey

Part of the ESPN article that was released Thursday Morning where Jalen Ramsey took shots at his former HC at FSU Jimbo Fisher also featured a part where he took shots at Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski saying he "is not as good as everyone says he is". Gronk's girlfriend, Camille Kostek, had a few words to share with TMZ on this subject.

“I’m gonna keep my mouth closed right now, because that kid has broken records,” Camille Kostek said in reference to Gronk. “He’s had so many (great) seasons, and he’s the best player in the entire league if you ask me.”  She went on to add "Rob’s sexier than you and he’s a better football player than you". 

Kostek is not the first significant other to fire back at Ramsey's comments made about their man. Kelly Stafford wondered why GQ even interviewed Jalen in the first place when she found out what was said about her husband Mathew.