Jalen Ramsey says NFL's New Rule Change is To Blame For Marqise Lee Injury

Marqise Lee suffered what seemed to be a significant injury to his knee in the first half of Saturday's preseason game vs the Atlanta Falcons. Damontae Kazee of the Falcons went low and hit Lee in the knee causing it to bend the wrong way. Jalen Ramsey spoke up and said the injury is a result of a player trying to adjust and not make a hit leading with his head and hitting Lee in the head.  

“You can’t be mad at 27 [Kazee], you have to be mad at the NFL; not mad at them, but that is how the rule is. People are scared to tackle normal because I guess they don’t want to do helmet-to-helmet and get flagged. . . . Game-changing stuff could happen. You don’t really want to blame anyone, but you feel bad for him. I don’t know, man, that’s just tough to see it happen to one of my teammates, period, but you can’t really blame 27.” Jalen Ramsey said, via NBCSports.com

As of 11:30 AM Sunday morning there is no further news on the magnitude of Marquis Lee's injury, other than that he was carted off the field and further evaluated.