911 call regarding Richie Incognito's latest incident has surfaced (audio)

Former Dolphins and Bills Guard Richie Incognito has had another run in with the law. Earlier this week reports surfaced that he went to a funeral home where his father was buried in an attempt to cut off his father's head. Now, audio has been released by TMZ.com where you can hear a worker from the funeral home call police scared for her life and those around her as Incognito threatens to get guns from his car.

When the cops arrived they arrested Incognito and did indeed find numerous weapons in his vehicle. Richie spent the night in an Arizona jail and was released the next day. Via TMZ.com one of the officers said "We're very familiar with [Richie]. We've been dealing with him for the last couple of days." By all accounts Incognito has had a difficult time dealing with the death of his father.