Video: Jaguars DT Malik Jackson Predicts 16-0 Season

Jaguars DT Malik Jackson is making headlines Wednesday. TMZ Sports caught up with the star Jaguars defensive tackle and asked him what he thought of the Jaguars chances this year:

"I think we're going 16-0. I'm callin' it, 16-0. I don't think anybody can beat us as long as we stay healthy and do what we're supposed to do." - Jags DT Malik Jackson via TMZ Sports

It's not the first time Jackson has made that bold prediction, he also made that prediction last year prior to the season. This prediction is a little different than the one he made last year, because the expectations for this year are much higher. The Jags didn't quite go undefeated, but they almost won themselves a trip to the Super Bowl. If this season is anything like last year, Jaguars fans would probably take a deep playoff run even if they don't go undefeated.