Arrest Warrant Issued For Former Gator Jabar Gaffney

Jabar Gaffney has been issued an arrest warrant after former Gator teammate Lito Sheppard named him a suspect in an incident where Sheppard's car was vandalized by a man and a woman, Via First Coast News and the Jacksonville Beach Police Department. The incident took place on June 17th and police were informed by Gaffney's attorney that he would turn himself in last week but has not done so as of Tuesday Evening.  

Sheppard called the restaurant where his car was parked at the time it was vandalized and asked to see the surveillance footage, upon further review Sheppard came to the conclusion that it was former Gator teammate Jabar Gaffney and his girlfriend. Sheppard said he and Gaffney have had a feud going back to 2012. "Gaffney retrieved some type of tool and a container from the suspect's vehicle, walked over to the passenger's side of the victim's vehicle near the gas tank, and pried it open," the police report said. "Gaffney then poured an unknown substance from the container into the gas tank ... The unknown female walked around the vehicle and stabbed all of the tires with a sharp object." Sheppard said the car recieved over $14,000 in damages.

Both of them had careers in the NFL that lasted over 10 years, Shepard was drafted by the Eagles and played for 4 teams in total, Gaffney played for 7 different over 11 years. He has also had recent runnings with police: being charged with battery in September of 2017, and marijuana charges in 2016.