Amazon Exec Suggests Possible Future Of CFB Conference Realignment

Conference realignment is a constant talking point in College Football, as conferences are in a constant power struggle in order to claim more revenue and a better product than the other conferences. According to 247Sports' Brian Bishop, an Amazon executive thinks that the conference system could be facing a complete change as we know it:

“We’re still seven or eight years away, but if we had to restructure the landscape today, we would not start by negotiating with a conference. We don’t care about the SEC, Big 12 of Big 10 as a whole. In our opinion, those entities are not our focus. Instead, we would want to identify 30 or 40 teams that command the biggest audience. That may be by reputation or location, but generally we all know that there are members in every one of these conferences that frankly don’t move the needle."

That is a huge change to the current system that would put all the Power 5 conferences out of business, and make college football really compelling. If that is truly the future of conference realignment, college football fans are in for a treat.