Julio Jones says he will be a "Falcon Forever"

Julio Jones did not show up for the Falcons OTA's. However according to Julio and Falcons owner Arthur Blank, all is well and Julio should be a Falcon 'forever'. Last week, Arthur blank told reporters "It'll be fine. It'll be fine. It's the process we have to go through. It'll be fine,"  and to 11AliveSports.com he said "I love Julio. He loves me. He loves Atlanta. He's going to be here forever,".

Julio Echoed those statements to TMZSports while out in Atlanta on Saturday Night, “I’m not going anywhere, I love the team, I love the organization, I love everybody there. We’re good. Everybody wants a story right now,” Jones said.  “There’s no story to be told. I’m just working, getting myself better. I’m just working on myself right now. That’s all it is. There’s no bad blood between me and the team or anything like that. It’s just everybody on the outside trying to look in and destroy what we built there.”

Julio and the Falcons are just one of many examples of relationships between star players and organizations around the league, and it appears as if both sides share a mutual respect and understanding of each other. Falcons mandatory mini-camp begins June 12th and they do expect the star wide receiver to be there.