Harbaugh Announces Michigan Trip To South Africa

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh announced Monday on WTKA-AM (Ann Arbor) that the team was going to South Africa for next year's annual overseas trip, beating out Cuba, Spain, and Greece. The Michigan football team recently returned from a trip to Paris, and last year took a trip to Rome. Both trips were paid for by boosters of the program.

"We're going to (South) Africa. We're going  to Johannesburg and Cape Town and we're going to do a safari. How about  that? How about a safari? I'm looking forward to it." - Jim Harbaugh on WTKA-AM (1050) Ann Arbor.

The trips are are a great experience, especially for the players, but at some point you have to wonder how long they'll last. Michigan has already expressed that they want Harbaugh around for a long time, but will boosters want to continue to pay around $800,000 (reported cost for the 2017 trip to Italy) for trips to foreign countries if Harbaugh doesn't get results against teams like Ohio State?