Scott Frost has no regrets over comments on UCF title claims

Scott Frost the former head coach at UCF who left for the same job at Nebraska, stated publicly that he “would have had a hard time getting behind” his former school’s national championship claims had he remained with the football program.  Needless to say, the comments didn’t sit well with a sizable segment of the Knights fan base.

“I don’t regret saying it, I answered it honestly,” Frost said, via The Orlando Sentinel.  “I’m so proud of that team and I will be forever; and I’m happy for those guys and I don’t want anything that I said in an answer to have the appearance of diminishing from what they accomplished and how grateful we are to be a part of it.

If you look at the history of college football, there’s a lot of cases where multiple teams have claimed national championships. I really don’t have a problem with that,” Frost said. “I think its wonderful for those players. I don’t have a problem with them making a claim to it.