Jaguars CB Ramsey Recruiting WR Dez Bryant

Jaguars star corner Jalen Ramsey has held nothing back in the past as it relates to signing free agents, having petitioned his team on twitter to resign both Allen Robinson and Aaron Colvin before they inevitably left the Jaguars for other teams. Ramsey is back at it again, this time with former Cowboys WR Dez Bryant, following the breaking news of his release from Dallas:

The Jaguars signed Donte Moncrief in the offseason to a fully guaranteed one year, $9 million contract. Jacksonville has about $18.5 million in cap space left, a good chunk of which will be spent on rookies selected in the NFL Draft, so it's hard to imagine that the Jaguars would elect to sign Bryant given the money they have available. Though, it's hard to imagine the Jaguars signing Bryant anyway, regardless of money or Ramsey's recruiting.